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5 Reasons to buy luxury wall art

5 Reasons to buy luxury wall art

My photography journey began while I was a student for 3 years in Beijing, China. Since the very beginning, I wanted to print my pictures, hang them up on my walls, give my favorite ones a life and a very intimate purpose : A reminder of the places I visit and a beacon to fellow westerners that Asia is a beautiful place worth exploring.

Being a travel photographer, usually Asia based, but stuck in Paris for 1 year and a half because of the pandemic I became crazy about printing. Printing my pictures and hanging them on the wall of my little Parisian room helped me go through those times when I was dreaming of getting back to Asia, to explore more and take even more beautiful pictures.

I enhanced my walls with my Luxury Photography print, let’s dive into 5 reasons to decorate your walls with them too.

First, what do I call Luxury Photography print ? if you are a newcomer in the printing world the sheer amount of medium and terminology is enough to make you dizzy : Paper, metal, Japanese paper, 500gsm matte, sublimation, Chromaluxe, fujiflex with 2mm acrylic. If you understood everything there, amazing, go to the next section.

if you didn’t, get a cup of coffee, we gonna dive very quickly in the world of photographic printing.

if you want a better introduction go read this first.

Paper photo prints

The most basic. The process is very similar to what you have in your printer at home except that its specifically tailored for color reproduction fidelity. Paper prints likely comes rolled in a tube, you have to do the mounting and framing work yourself, or outsource it.

Metal prints

The sturdiest medium of all. Choose it when durability, exposure to general public or outdoor display is what you are looking for.

Acrylic prints

Paper print under acrylic glass provides great protection, adds vibrancy, extracts all the picture’s details, enhances color brilliance and makes the viewer feel like he/she is part of the action, as if the subject was close enough to touch.


1. It will make you happier

Studies have shown that people with wall art at home are actually on average happier. Some create routines where they take their morning coffee while exploring the images on their walls. For others it’s a great way to bring memories in a new house. Your favorite scenery from your favourite place, a stunning complex urban shot or a minimalist landscape picture will not only spark interest when you receive guests, but also set the mood and feeling of the room.

2. It makes your interior space seems bigger

Even small spaces can benefit from hanging artwork, I believe into printing big because it instantly seems like your wall becomes a portal to your favorite places, memories, or loved ones. If your walls are smaller, then a smaller picture will still do the trick and your room will look bigger right away.

3. High quality print won’t change with time

You may give those artworks to your children when they move out, assured that the print quality is the same as day one. Investing in top quality ensures that. So they will have a genuine piece of home in their new home. All the options of printing available on this website are archive museum grade, hence the colors won’t shift.

4. Hassle free experience

Main issues encountered when purchasing photography prints on paper are extra framing cost, and damage risk coming with the extra handling. Overall, the product doesn’t seem finished. With luxury wall art all those issues are gone and taken care of for you.

5. It’s part of a limited edition

Having the same wall art as thousands of people is not very enticing. Fine Art Photography comes in limited edition, you will become part of a very private club of collectors and it’s very unlikely that your guest will say “oh yeah I saw that picture hanged somewhere before”

My work came in limited edition of 28 prints.

Hope you found reasons to justify your future purchase of Luxury wall art now !




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